Golf Rules Quick Reference : A Practical Guide for Use on the Course

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Product Info

  • Brand: ProActive
  • EAN: 9783909596164
  • Manufacturer: Artigo Publishing Internationa


  • Pocket sized quick reference book
  • Easy to use format from tee to green
  • Plastic coated for durability
  • Conforms to the new 2012-2015 USGA Rules of Golf

Editorial Reviews:

  • The pocket-sized Golf Rules Quick Reference answers every rules question at a glance thanks to its 170 illustrations. The user-friendly booklet, written in easy-to-understand English, is organized into eight sections, just as a course is laid out, among them “Tee,” “Fairway and Rough”, “Bunker,” “Water Hazard” and “Green.” The practical flip guide is plastic-coated for use on the course. The award-winning bestseller has been published in more than 20 languages. This must-have guide belongs in every golfer’s bag. It conforms to the new 2012-2015 USGA Rules of Golf for both stroke and match play.