BBTradesales Bad Mutha Wallets as Seen on Pulp Fiction (Brown)

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  • Brand: Thumbs Up
  • EAN: 5060113890290
  • Manufacturer: Thumbs Up


  • 100% genuine leather wallet in brown
  • Wording is impressed into the leather rather than printed to prevent fading over time
  • Replica of Jules Winnfield's wallet in Tarantino's cult movie, Pulp Fiction
  • 1 x window pocket, 4 x credit card pockets, divided banknote pocket
  • Great gift for the BMF in your life

Editorial Reviews:

  • The B.M.F. Wallet - The one wallet to have. This Bad Mother wallet was the same one as carried by Jules in Pulp Fiction. Jules was arguably the coolest on screen character ever, everything about the man was cool, including his wallet. It's the one that says Bad Mother F%%KR.